Strada per Sopramonte 40
38100 Cadine (TN)
Tel. 0461/866174 | Fax 0461/866852

Territory, culture, historical memory, and family are the fundamental characteristics of Segata, a company located just a short distance from the city of Trento , in the small town of Sopramonte .

The company's history began in the mid-fifties, thanks to the tenacity and a love for the land had by the Segata family. This is where the first butcher shop was opened by Fausto Segata. A small shop that is now a modern industry of the third millennium. The achievements it reached are many, with ever growing innovation. The only constant factors are the company's respect for the production methods used and the passion for its territory.

Innovation, tradition, and love for the land come together in a product that characterizes all of Segata's business: Speck.

30,000 square meters of cells, processing rooms, and curing rooms with 200 staff members who produce about one million kilos of product per year.