Via San Benedetto 44/A Z.I.
35037 Teolo (PD)
Tel. 049/9998411 | Fax 049/9998400
Web: http://www.poloristorazione.it
Email: commerciale@poloristorazione.it
PEC: polo.amministrazione@pec.it

Transparency, quality, and innovation. These are the values ​​that have made Polo Spa a company of reference for northeastern Italy in the distribution of food and non-food products.

The company was founded in the late seventies (1979) and was immediately recognized by suppliers and clients as a high quality operator with essentially no margin of error.

Today, thanks to completely automated production and logistics processes, Polo can guarantee competitive services throughout the entire Italian territory. Working at -25°C in a fully automated manner, Polo is the only facility in the world capable of providing full traceability of all orders within 12 hours of completion.

All this thanks to a new warehouse that is entirely dedicated to storing and selection, which also allows for programming and monitoring shipments.

37,000 cubic meters of which 26,000 with cold storage, 9,000 meters equipped for preserved products, and an additional 2,000 for refrigerated products. These are the numbers generated by Polo Srl.