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natura's e amico freddo: our brand

Not only supplies and the selection of markets and raw materials but, also thanks to the efforts and synergies created by our partner companies, Gel Group markets single-brand products: amico freddo e natura's.


Natura's is a brand created in 2009 by Gel Group, in order to distinguish food products stored at positive temperatures obtained by respecting strict testing and selection criteria. The ingredients, the production area, and the food that is, itself, marketed under the Natura's brand, all offer reliability and continuity in the food supplied, which is unequaled in the Italian market. Sausages, cured meats, salami, mushrooms, dairy products and cheeses, pasta and oils, breakfast products, and kitchen accessories are only some of the many categories of products offered to the food and restaurant industries through the Natura's brand. New assortments are constantly created through team work, where the result of marketing and manufacturing synergies that our companies, in tune with the needs of an ever evolving market, are able to express.

amico freddo

Amico Freddo is the brand owned by Gel Group created for the line of frozen and deep frozen products with a high quality standard. The products that are selected to market from this line respond to production specifications that are clearly defined and controlled. Amico Freddo has across-the-board coverage of all the products distributed: first course meals, seafood, vegetables, specialties.